Who would have thought the A's would be in the cellar?

The A's have been terrible. Today was another game where the difference in winning or losing the game was the number of unearned runs given up by the A's. How many games has that been so far this year? I have lost track but I am sure that someone knows the answer.

This weekend they head to Seattle to play the equally bad Mariners, but if the A's do not win the series they will be in the cellar replacing the Mariners. The M's have Felix Hernandez going on Sunday....the best pitcher in baseball, so chalk that up as a loss, so they are going to have to win Friday and Saturday.

Everyone says over and over that baseball is a long season, blah, blah, but the fork to stick it to them is warming up, and we can start to speculate what deals will be made not to make us contenders, but to acquire prospects...ugh!