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Josh Reddick: American League co-Player of the Week with Jose Altuve

The Oakland A's right fielder has now won three Player of the Week awards.

Josh Reddick hits a three-run home run against the Texas Rangers on Saturday.
Josh Reddick hits a three-run home run against the Texas Rangers on Saturday.
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Josh Reddick is the American League co-Player of the Week, sharing the title with Houston Astros second baseman Jose Altuvetweets Houston Chronicle beat writers Evan Drelich. From April 27 to May 3, Reddick was 11 for 23 with three home runs, a double, 12 RBIs, three walks, and struck out once for an impressive .478/.538/.913 batting line. He also came around to score eight times over the past six games. Altuve was .467/.500/.733 since April 27 with eight RBIs and two stolen bases as the Astros extended their winning streak to 10 games.

Reddick's accomplishments have come in especially clutch situations this week. On April 28, Reddick started his offensive run with a three RBI night, including this two-out two-run single to tie the game against the Los Angeles Angels:

He later hit a solo home run in that contest on the way to the club's 6-2 victory. Reddick had another two-out game-tying hit the next night when he plated Ike Davis in the sixth inning against Cesar Ramos. The A's lost that contest 6-3.

On May 1, Reddick hit another two-out RBI single to keep the eighth inning alive and close the team's deficit to one run against the Texas Rangers:

Reddick himself was the go-ahead run when Brett Lawrie doubled down the right field line to take the lead for good, with the A's scoring seven runs in that inning.

On May 2, Reddick delivered what should have been the crushing blow against the Rangers but for Oakland's faltering bullpen. His three-run home run off Anthony Bass capped a six run inning that put the A's ahead 7-3 at the seventh inning stretch:

Finally, on May 3, Reddick removed much of the doubt in the series finale by homering again, a two-run blast that gave the A's a 7-0 lead after 8½ innings.

This is Reddick's third player of the week award. He last shared the honor with Sonny Gray in the final week of the 2014 regular season and won the award himself before then in late August of 2012.