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A Quick Call For Moderation

"I'm ejecting #42 and banning #42!"
"I'm ejecting #42 and banning #42!"
Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

No, not in your drinking -- I've seen the A's bullpen. What I mean is that AN could probably benefit from adding a couple more moderators to the mix (we have 10; 12 is probably a more ideal number), and so I thought I would put out a quick note to let the community know and to explain what it means to be a moderator.

The responsibilities are not time intensive, which is good because the pay is $0.00 in money (and ∞ in love). They basically include checking the internal dashboard at least 4 times throughout each week and commenting, if necessary, on flags that may warrant a "warning/strike" vote, and being included on occasional internal email threads when the moderators need to discuss a specific situation.

As far as qualifications, mostly it's being enough of a veteran and respected presence on AN, having AN's best interests, and overall fairness, at heart, and wanting to do it.

If you are interested, please email baseballgirl directly ( If there is someone you would like to recommend, that would be a good use of the comments in this post as perhaps you will flatter them into volunteering.

Finally, let me take the natural opportunity to thank our current moderators for their dedicated service to AN. You are much appreciated!