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Kazmir avoids DL after MRI reveals no damage

In the first good news of the year, Kazmir avoids the DL and can possibly return after missing a single start.

Not today, DL.
Not today, DL.
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The A's dodged a bullet today, as Scott Kazmir will not be placed on the DL (for now) after his MRI revealed no damage. Per Jane Lee (below) and Susan Slusser, Kazmir may only miss one start due to a convenient day off on June 6th, which would otherwise be his next scheduled start. The A's can keep Kazmir off the DL by moving up the rotation by a day, leaving the remaining starters on regular rest. Kazmir was pulled after just three innings of his Wednesday start due to shoulder soreness.

Trade Implications

With the A's struggling to an AL worst 17-32 record, expectations are the A's will be sellers come the trade deadline. Kazmir's career has been littered with trips to the DL, but a healthy 2014 campaign eased concerns over his health and boosted his value. This shoulder soreness will likely make teams wary, but Kazmir's value should still be high.

In 2008, Rich Harden went on the disabled list after his second start in early April. In spite of his similar injury history to Kazmir, as well as an early DL trip, the A's were able to flip Harden (along with Chad Gaudin) to the Chicago Cubs for pitcher Sean Gallagher, infielder Eric Patterson, outfielder Matt Murton, and minor leaguer Josh Donaldson. Point being, this injury is not a death sentence for the lefty's trade value, so hold out hope on Kazmir's potential return. You may now commence talking about Josh Donaldson for 8 hours.

Small AJ Griffin News

AJ Griffin is scheduled to start his rehab assignment after throwing a simulated game against Andy Parrino and Ike Davis today. That seems like the perfect role for Andy Parrino. Griffin is obviously a little ways out, but should the A's need a longer term option, Griffin could be a viable option down the line.

This article will be updated as more information about Kazmir is released.