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GameThread #47: A's vs. Tigers

The A's kick off a seven game homestead with a three game series against the Detroit Tigers.

The A's look for a win
The A's look for a win
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to this gloomy Memorial Day edition of A's baseball.

First, I want to remember those who have died in the various wars in American history. While Memorial Day basically is synonymous with barbecues and baseball, it's good to remember the reason we get the day off. It also is pretty interesting to check out some of the histories of old soldiers in the civil war and such. Some pretty crazy stories.

Anyway, you are here because of baseball. And baseball you shall get. The first to 30 losses Athletics welcome back Yoenis Cespedes and his Detroit Tigers to the Coliseum for a three game series. I watched a bit of the Tigers/Astros game yesterday, and man, Miguel Cabrera is so good. I don't take enough time to just watch that dude hit. But guess what? He's not starting today! Hooray!

Jeremy "The Fantastic Mr." Koo has a detailed series preview here. Definitely worth your time, as he has compiled everything you need to know about the Tigers in one handy dandy post. The matchup details for the next two games are coming soon, so keep checking back on that post throughout the series.

Today we have Shane Green facing of against Jesse Hahn. Hahn seems to be putting it together lately for the A's, but he needs to learn how to pitch deeper into games and get batters out the second and third time through the order. His last start against Houston looks decent, giving up five hits and three runs over six innings, however he gave up two of those runs in the sixth. So far it seems like he runs out of gas. But he's young, in just his second big league season (and the first was marred by injuries) so let's see if he can build on it.

I don't know much about Green other than what was in Jeremy's post. He seems like a relative meh sinker/cutter guy, so expect total and utter domination.

The fans are probably going to be juiced to see Cespedes back, and there should be some nice energy in the Coliseum because of that and the couple of wins they just put up.

I look at the standings and see them in dead last and I just feel like they really aren't that bad. I've seen last place teams and they usually are characterized by utter hopelessness and obvious suckitude in all aspects. That isn't this team. Hopefully they can build on it a home game. The A's are an abysmal 5-14 in the Coliseum, which just isn't fair to the fans. Suck it up and get a W fellas.

Here are your lineups. LET'S GO OAK-LAND!

Today's Lineups

Anthony Gose - CF Billy Burns - CF
Ian Kinsler - 2B Marcus Semien - SS
J.D. Martinez - DH Josh Reddick - RF
Yoenis Cespedes - LF Stephen Vogt - C
Tyler Collins - RF Billy Butler - DH
Nick Castellanos - 3B Max Muncy - 3B
James McCann - C Mark Canha - 1B
Hernan Perez - 1B Sam Fuld - LF
Dixon Machado - SS Eric Sogard - 2B