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Oakland A's radio broadcaster Ken Korach returns Monday, reports Bay Area News Group

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Ken Korach (right) is pictured at spring training in 2005.
Ken Korach (right) is pictured at spring training in 2005.
Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Oakland Athletics lead radio broadcaster Ken Korach will return to the radio booth for Monday's Memorial Day contest against the Detroit Tigersaccording to John Hickey of the Bay Area News Group. Korach will "have missed ... all of spring training and the first 46 games of the regular season recovering from an injury he suffered to his left knee replacement," Hickey writes.

Vince Cotroneo has been taking on the lead broadcaster responsibilities in Korach's absence. A cavalcade of radio personalities filled in the second chair, with Roxy Bernstein, Guy Haberman, Ray Fosse, Glen Kuiper, and Brett Dolan joining Cotroneo.

Welcome back, Ken!