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Game Thread #34: A's Vs. Red Sox (3)

In the bottom of the 5th with an RISP of .464, Stephen Vogt once again comes through in the clutch--scoring Billy Butler on an over-the-Victorino hit at the base of the wall in right.  Ortiz answers back with a double to lead off the 6th but is quickly picked off at second on a Vogt throw to Sogard for an awkward, and denied appeal:  Sit down Papi; you're out.

The A's answered with their own bats, but failed to score in the bottom of the 6th thanks to a back-handed, snow-cone grab by Mike Napoli to deny Coco his first hit of the season.

Scott Kazmir finishes after six and Scribner leads off the 7th and gives up the lead with multiple hits.  A's down 3-4 in the 7th.