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Game Thread #15: Oakland Athletics at Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (2)

Yes, it's after 8:15. Yes, we've just completed two innings so far in this game. Yes, Drew Pomeranz is pitching. Yes, baseballgirl would have known this by just looking at the clock. It isn't helping the "ending the game sometime before midnight tonight" cause when Pomeranz pretty much draws a full count on every batter, was bailed out not once, but twice on called strike threes that weren't, and after basically throwing all of the pitches at the Angels, an overturned replay call extended the inning just in time for a 3-run home run to burn Pomeranz with three runs. And he's pretty damn lucky Pujols didn't hit a second 3-run home run for the Angels in that inning, instead, settling for another run instead. The A's frantically look for long relief in the pen, but they may be forced to leave Pomeranz and his 59 awful pitches out to dry for a while. The A's need offense but bad. LET'S GO OAK-LAND!