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A Quick Note From Blogfather To Community

Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

Certainly the drama around the A's-Royals series evoked a great deal of emotion, and so predictably there were many comments the past 48 hours whose passion was palpable. There were also quite a few comments, however, that crossed lines and as a result about 12 strikes have been issued by the moderators in just the past couple days.

Mostly, the problematic comments either used language disparaging to females (e.g., using "pansies," "pu**ies," "c***s," etc., as a pejorative), or they expressed views that were racially insensitive or charged.

I wanted to mention this publicly for a couple reasons. One reason is that we want commenters to understand that including these words, or attitudes, in a comment is in fact not acceptable on AN and will result in a "warning" or "strike". The other reason is that we want all our readers to know that AN does not allow these kinds of comments and does, however discreetly, hold commenters accountable.

Because this isn't intended to spark conversation, but rather is a quick "for everyone's information" statement, comments are closed for this post. I just wanted to let the community know clearly where AN stands on these issues and to remind everyone to choose carefully the words used to express even the strongest, and most heat of the moment, feelings.

Thanks for reading, thanks to the moderators for their diligent work on behalf of the community, and Go A's!