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Daily Link Dump 4/13/15

Links before the A's kick off their first road trip of the year in Houston.

Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

We have our first closer controversy of the year, and it's in Colorado, where LaTroy Hawkins has been demoted from his position after two blown saves.

In case you didn't notice yesterday, Seattle turned a 2-1 double play, a fascinating oddity for scorekeepers like myself.

Alex Remington presents a history of starting pitching for the Rockies.

Sean Doolittle may throw off a mound as soon as next week.

Tonight's minor league action includes Brad Mills and Chris Lamb toeing the rubber.

On this day a year ago, Scott Kazmir pitched a gem before being removed early with triceps tightness, and the A's offense broke through late with home runs by Yoenis Cespedes and Josh Donaldson for a 3-0 win.

Tonight's starting lineup is exactly the same as last night's.