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Introducing Athletics Nation's new Game Threaders!

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the first weekend of the 2015 season! This spring, we held our third annual Game Thread auditions, and we've picked a few standouts from that group to help us do Game Threads this season. There are three new additions for now.

Please welcome: bernie_till_i_die, Jon Varnica, and praunlinde! (Check back later for intro blurbs from the latter two rookies.)

bernie_till_i_die (Josh)

Hello, everyone! My name is Josh I. (or bernie_till_i_die) and I'm very excited to be hosting you all on Saturdays! I was born and raised an A's fan, and have been a member of AN since 2013. I've written some FanPosts for AN, as well as some other analytical pieces elsewhere. Hopefully, all will go well, and I'll settle in here and be able to write for AN for a long time! I'll see you all later this afternoon!

Josh will be hosting our Saturday threads.

Jon Varnica (Jonathan)

Greetings all. I did the recap for ST game #14 and will be responsible for Sunday away games. About me, I grew up in the East Bay going to the Coliseum throughout my childhood. I haven't ever blogged or done analytical sports reporting before, but I am totally hyped to tell y'all what's happening during those early Sunday morning East Coast games.

Jonathan will be hosting the Sunday road games, as well as some Thursday day games.

praunlinde (Peggy)

I was born in Oakland and have been an A's fan since 1968 when, at age 6, I saw my first game at the Coliseum.  That same year, I started keeping score courtesy of my dad's excellent teaching.  I'm an educator by trade, and rabid about our boys in green and gold.  I have season tickets and love moving throughout the park and talking to different people.  I'm overwhelmed by the new scoreboard, yet glad to be grounded in seeing that my lucky bathroom stall still has the "Yankees suck" on the door and the water is still leaking all over.  There's no place like home.  Thanks AN for the opportunity to put my passion into words.

Peggy will be hosting the Sunday home games, as well as most Thursday night games.