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Ike Davis Isn't Very Good Is He?

Alex goes on Phil's daily show and the guys talk Gray, Kazmir, Kanha and Davis plus much more.

Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

Hey Athletics Nation!

Last week I predicted that Sonny Gray should be considered a 2015 Cy Young candidate. Actually I think what I said was that he was going to win the 2015 Cy Young.

Maybe that's just the Fantasy Baseball owner in me, wishful thinking or whatever. He sure did come through on Opening Day didn't he?

Not to be outdone Scott Kazmir threw his own gem two nights later. I thought Gray pitched well but Kazmir's one hitter was more dominant.

Mark Canha also had a special week for himself. The kid doesn't even rate a picture next to his stats on ESPN but man oh man did the Rule 5 draft pick shine.

Ike Davis can't hit his way out of a paper bag. I tried to tell you didn't I?

Anyway, that's what we talked about when Alex made his weekly appearance on my daily sports show. He's up second at about the 10 minute mark. Also on the show we talk National Hockey League, Atlanta Legends, New York Mets and Fantasy Basketball Awards.

You can listen below or download the show from my site.