Spring Game #6: Chicago White Sox 10, Oakland A's 4

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

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Well folks, that was it. How did our future Midland Rockhounds and Nashville Sounds do against the White Sox? Well, not bad actually.

hahah just kidding. A valiant effort was plugged up by the boys in white and the A's went home with the first loss of 2015. I guess I am bad luck? Or maybe the blame goes on Clippard.

Lots of ex-As took down the current A's from afar, even if we did tag Shark for some runs. Well somehow Shark got the win so ehh

Wendle, Hassan "BBC" and Canha oh myyyy

Maxwell, Nunez, Blair, and a bunch more minor leaguers didn't shape up like they might have

So while I might not get the job, I hope to be the weirdest writer in this "audition" process. Thanks to the AN team for having me, and Go A's.