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Spring Game #30: A's vs. Rockies

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

If Big_Chris still wants to audition for gamethreading, feel free to post your gamethread and I'll put it up here.

Today's pitching matchup Pomeranz vs. Eddie Butler. Butler is the #2 pitching prospect for the Rockies, so don't expect the typical Rockies junkballer. He made his MLB debut last year, and pitched to a 6.75 ERA, so maybe not. But Coors Field is a strange place.

Pomeranz isn't actually fighting for a rotation spot anymore (he's already the presumptive #5 starter), but it would be nice to see him get another good start in. His last time out was not especially good, and you'd like to see him control his pitches a little better going into the season.

Here are the lineups: