A's Officially Win Donaldson Trade, Shutout Brewers 7-0

Brett Lawrie hit a jack/dinger/homer/bomb today. Whatever you want to call it. - Allan Henry-USA TODAY Sports

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Before I begin "writing", I'd like to wish a Happy Birthday to one William Lamar Beane III. Thanks for everything Billy, here's to another 20 years of watching you work.

The Nitty

The key to a good recap is to summarize noteworthy events of a game in an effort to help your reader catch up in what he or she may have missed. By definition, this will not be a good recap. Why do you ask? Part of it has to do with Spring Training games being essentially meaningless (as far as W/L record goes). I find myself caring about Spring Training not because of who may win or lose, but because of how closely performances are monitored, analyzed, scrutinized, etc., I know Pomeranz can throw a wicked knuckle curve, but I don't know if he'll be working on his 3rd pitch. I know Sogard is a defensive whiz, but I have no idea how his swing will look now that he's working with Darren Bush again. It's also because I'd rather write about Kendall Graveman.

Kendall Graveman was absolutely dominant. Whilst wielding his trusty Power Sinker (affectionately known as "the Shovel" by none), Graveman pitched through 6.1 innings while giving up only 3 hits (one of which was a bunt that stayed fair). He struck out 3 (Carlos Gomez twice, Adam Lind once) while occasionally throwing some shade to his outfielders. We often hear pitchers mention that they need to "keep the ball down" to pitch well and Graveman's 33 groundouts were proof that Graveman was doing just that. I know, I know its just Spring Training. But how can you NOT be excited about this guy? Even when he fell behind hitters he'd battle back and get the out by either inducing weak contact or having the ball tail away and miss the bat completely. Graveman left the game to a standing ovation at the A's Hohokam Park. He leaves Mesa with a 3-0 record and a 0.42 ERA.

Brett Lawrie, not to be one-upped in anything by a non-bro went ahead and had himself a game. Lawrie went for 1 walk, 2 runs scored, an RBI single, and a 2-run HR (into LF). Lawrie continues to look better and impact games on both sides of the field. He was the first of 4 A's players who reached base consecutively during the bottom of the 6th (Semien, Phegley and Fuld followed him). I'd say he's earned himself a poutine and carnitas burrito. Maybe even a Monster or two.

the Gritty

Phegley continues to impress and contributed with an RBI single.

Country Breakfast hit a solo HR to left center, scored a run and drew a walk as the Athletics' DH. He doesn't strike fear in the hearts of pitchers like Alberto Callaspo, but he'll have to do for now.

Fuldy hit a 2B in the bottom of the 4th, but was thrown out at 3rd trying to snag the extra base. He would later get his (booming)2B with Marcus Semien crossing the plate.

Semien finished with a run scored and 2 walks. He apparently made a fantastic play to throw out Jean Segura in the top of the 3rd, though it's a little hard to confirm this when we're relegated to strictly radio.

Brett Vertigan brought in Anthony Aliotti with a Sac Fly while playing in RF.

Relieving Graveman was Evan Scribner, who promptly struck out Kris Davis while inducing a pop-fly to get out of the top of the 7th inning. He also managed to give up a stolen base to Lucroy. Scriber went 1.2 innings total before letting Fernando "Color Me" Abadd close the door with a 1-2-3 9th inning. Abadd finished the day with 2 strikeouts.

The A's pitching staff assembled like Voltron to give up only 4 hits in a CGSO of the Brewers.

Brett hitting dingers? Graveman going all "Greg Maddux"?

Please sir, I'd like some more.

4/6/2015! 4/6/2015! 4/6/2015!

Thanks AN for allowing me to contribute. I hope I didn't drop the ball too badly.