Spring game #27 recap: Oakland A's 7, Rangers 6 - Mark Canha walks off, Barry gets buried

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"There's no tying in baseball!" -Tyler Clippard

"There's no losing in baseball" - Mark Canha

Let's get to the good part

Innings 1-8 were pretty ho-hum compared to the ninth, so let's skip to there. The A's found themselves in a tie ballgame thanks to a major Craig Gentry error (you read that right!). Enter Tyler Definitely-not-Jim-Johnson-but-kinda-making-me-scared Clipboard. Thomas Field, someone who was destined be a mediocre baseball player by name, started off the inning with a single to shortstop. I didn't see or hear about it, but you can do worse things as a pitcher than give up a hit to SS. On the next play, Kellan Deglin hit a flyball to left, moving Field to second. Again, I have no idea how this happened, but I can only assume LFer Jason Pridie was doing his best to prepare the A's for Coco's return, and generously offered 2B to Field. I'm sure it wasn't Pridie. Original? Don't care.

Elliot Johnson followed with a double to left plating Field, and subsequently scored on a stolen base/error by catcher Luke Carlin, who was possibly doing his best Derek Norris impression.

So here we are in our favorite place: down by two going into the bottom of the ninth. Max Muncy, who is awesome, led off the inning with a single, followed by offensive MVP runner-up Stephen Vogt walking. With runners on First and Second and no outs, Andy Parrino came up clutch for the A's by merely striking out and thereby avoiding the GIDP. I have him third on my MVP ballot for the day.

Enter Mark Canha

Unfazed by his 0-3 start to the day, Canha unloaded on a Phil Klein offering, sending the A's to a 7-6 victory. Klein is a RHP, which Canha is unlikely to see much of this year, but flexing his power against a like handed pitcher can only help his case to stay with the big club. I'm starting to get Canha fever!

With Reddick unable to play, Canha was pied in the face by Semien, showing off the versatility and resilience of the youngster (that didn't really happen).

Other highlights from the day include:

-Jesse Hahn went 5 1/3, giving up 3 hits and a run with 3k's. By all accounts, he was rock solid today and will start the A's second game of the season against these same but very different Texas Rangers. For all the talk about Hahn's role in rotation, he's got himself a 3.06 ERA for the spring. Spring Training stats don't matter much to me, but there is certainly no argument against the kid.

-Aside from committing an error and getting caught stealing just to see what it felt like, Craig Gentry went 2-3 with a double and a triple off starting pitcher Anthony Ranaudo. I personally hope to see more starts for Craig against RHP, and this is a good sign.

-Eric O'Flaherty pitched 1 &1/3, giving up no baserunners while striking out three.

-Clipboard sucked, as did RJ Alvarez who blew the save giving up 2 earned and 3 total runs. I don't put much stock in either performance, although Alvarez is still fighting for a spot, and today certainly didn't help.

-Slusser noted the most likely rotation to start the year as Gray, Kazmir, Hahn, Graveman, and Pomeranz. I don't think is much of a surprise, but still a bummer for those of us on #TeamZeets.

-Stephen Vogt homered and got on base 3 times, raising his average to .333.

-Billy Butler doubled in a run, and as Kyrbyr noted, he has only 3 non extra base hits this spring. Go big or go home, Country Breakfast.

-Billy Burns went 0-4 from his weaker side, so meh.

That'll do it for today folks, thanks for reading!