Spring Game #27: A's vs Rangers - The Dog Days of Spring

Rob Tringali/Getty Images

It's funny, amazing, and scary how much can change in just a few years. In 2012, the Rangers were destined to win the division with a lineup packed with pop and attitude and a rotation filled with a bunch of dudes who all look alike (those are all separate links), + Yu Darvish. They seemed set for years to come with a top farm system

Then this happened.

Now, this is mainly an excuse to relive that moment and the glory that was 2012, but I seriously almost, kinda feel bad for the Rangers. I hated their 2012 team, and while 2013 was less of a fight, I wasn't exactly a fan. But these days, times are tough for Rangers' fans. They could and probably should be a decent ballclub, but injuries have proven ruinous. I just can't hate a team not name the Angels that has been so ravaged by injuries, and is so free of Josh Hamilton. Already this spring, the Rangers have used 103 (103!) players on their roster.

Anyway, the Oakland A's take on the Texas Rangers today in what claims is their 27th game of the spring campaign. I am certain it's at least the 127th game, but we'll go with MLB's info. It's an interesting part of spring, where the excitement of positional battles and novelty of baseball has faded, but the regular season still seems eons away. I think all of us not named Josh Reddick are ready for the season to start.

Lineup for the A's is below. I'll update if I can find a linkeable Rangers' lineup.

We are at the point in spring where regulars are getting in games, and getting in games for longer, which is nice (kinda). The Good Guys have regulars at every position except catcher, where Luke Carlin (who is Luke Carlin?) gets the nod. I fully expect Luke to be the Rangers starting catcher by June 1.

Other notes:

-2B/SS/3B/QB/WR Ben Zobrist starts at second, but a Susan Slusser tweet indicates Zobrist will be in right to start the year, with Josh Reddick out and Eric Sogard at 2B. If you listen closely, you can hear BWH sobbing lightly by his monitor. If you turn your ear to the north, you might hear Jeremy Koo jumping for joy as...

-Slusser also indicated that Tyler Ladendorf may be an option for the opening day roster, according to Melvin. Ladendorf's strong spring, versatile defense, and lefty mashing makes him a strong candidate for the last positional spot. For those of you excited by singles and stolen bases, fear not, as Billy Burns has not been ruled out either. It appears those two are leading candidates to fill Reddick's roster void.

-Sean Doolittle will throw today. He's still a bit away, but exciting news nonetheless. Tyler Clippard will start the year as the A's closer, but will prove to be redundant, as the A's will win their first 15 games by 5+ runs.

-Jesse Hahn will be on the bump today with a chance to send half of AN into full blown panic mode with a side of Zito mode. I know you're not supposed to judge books by their covers, but I get the feeling Jesse and I wouldn't be friends. That said, Jesse has some Addison Russell level eyes. Careful, if you stare at them for more than 10 seconds, he'll be traded at the deadline (I kid, I kid).

Here's your linky to the Gamecast page. If you're weird, you can also listen to the Ranger's audio. First pitch is at 1:05 PM.

Go A's!