Spring Game #22 - A's were winning until Satan (or Satin) showed up

Allan Henry-USA TODAY Sports

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It was a routine spring game for the A's, at least when Graveman is on the mound. Lots of groundouts, lots of 0's on the board for the other team and a late lead to defend, and then, the Dark Lord showed up, or at least something similar for Hutzinger, in the form of Josh Satin.

The game started with the pitching duel it was suppose to be, with Leake and Graveman dominating the opposition in a very similar fashion, both inducing lots of groundballs, with Leake retiring the first 8 A's he faced, and Graveman the first 10 Reds.

But we draw first blood in the 4th, when after back-to-back 1-out singles from Semien and birthday boy Davis, Mark Canha (playing the outfield today) hit a deep fly ball against the wall, that according to the broadcast, it was really close to become his 3rd HR of the Spring, but at the end was an RBI Double that scored Semien, but Davis got out at home after a very aggressive call from Gallego (as usual). The inning ended with Olson striking out, and Graveman went back to business.

The Reds at least got runners on by the first time in the game at the bottom of the 4th, but only to see prove himself with runners in scoring position, inducing Zach Cozart to ANOTHER groundout, this time with a runner in 2nd, to end the inning and get the shutout.

Graveman went on to the 6th, and retired the first batter before giving room to Verdugo (later cut on today's round of cuts) to finish the inning and go to the 7th.

The seventh started quietly for the A's after Canha and Olson got back to the dugout with their bats in shame, but the A's got a nice 2-out rally with back-to-back walks by Muncy and Carlin, and then, back-to-back RBI singles by Ladendorf and Burns, both continue to ride hot bats this spring, to get the A's a 3-run lead going to the bottom of the 7th.

After an uneventful bottom of the 7th and top of the 8th, Hutzinger came out to take care of business, and he did, but for the Reds.

It took him around 10 pitches to throw away the lead. After a leadoff single by Negron and a walk by Skipworth, Satin step into the plate, having produce exactly 0 RBIs during 2015 Spring Training, but that changed to 3 in just 1 pitch from Hutzinger that Satin send to hell in left field to tie the game at 3.

Hutzinger continue to struggle and walked Schumaker and hit Wallach to put runners in first and second with nobody out. After a sac bunt from De Jesus and an intentional walk to Jay Bruce, Eugenio Suarez grounded into double play to end the inning with the game still tied.

After another quiet inning for the A's offense on the top of the 9th, the Reds came to the bottom looking for a walk off win. and after a 1-out double from Negron, Skipworth failed to bring him home and set the table for Satin again, and he promptly hit the winning hit on a groundball to left that scored Negron and left the A's on the field.

On the bright side, while the regulars were on the field, we play a very good baseball, and Graveman was beyond solid, allowing 0, that's correct, 0 flyballs, and the offense from the regulars was acceptable, so I still feel pretty good about this team and its progress in this Spring, getting ready to take the West by assault in 2015.