Spring Game #17: A's Rout Padres Win 13-2

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Today was like just any other day in Athletic's Baseball. That is to say the A's routed the Padres by a score of 13-2. It may be spring training it's hard to deny the desirability of having those numbers on your side. So let's get a little excited. It was a fun game.

Because I was not at the game and there was no video feed there is little I can say about the game besides what happened in it. And so that is exactly what I'll be saying.

To put it shortly: Padres got Rekt.

To put in a longer format: Mnay of the A's hitters came alive and really showcased why they should be the ones that are on the roster.

Brett Lawrie:
Lawrie finally found his stroke as he went 2 for 2 with 2 doubles. If you were getting worried about him I hope those fears are sliding into the distance.

Ben Zobrist:
Zobrist flashed some of his power as he had a 3-run home run in the 5th to launch the A's up to a 5-0 lead. While going 2-3 he has shown us what a beast he can be.

Billy Burns:
Even though Burns didn't get his triple counted as a triple it'll still live on that way in our hearts. Even if I didn't get to see it all. #nobias

Sam Fuld:
Fuld offered some good offense later in the game with a walk and a hit as well as two runs. Let's just try to forget when he grounded into double play.

Tyler Ladendorf:
Ladendork is doing a lot to try to convience us that he is worthy of being on this team. While in my eyes he was the favorite going into this match he has uped it up even more by going 2 for 2 with a 3 run HR in the 8th. He also shows good veristality in the field. I think it's time to #FreeTylerLadendof #LadendorfHypeTrain

Matt Olson:
His big contribution in the game was the 2-RBI double he had in the 4th to pu the A's on the board. Despite that being his only stat acheivement appearaly he had a lot of loud far contact, which is encouraging for the future. Within a matter of time.

Joey Wendle:
Wendle subbed in like Ladendorf and managed to hit 2 for 2 with 2 runs and an RBI. A pretty solid line that brings up his average to .360. Wendle is becoming one of the strong potentials in the A's farm system. I'm starting to wonder if he might be a better option alrready than Sogard or Parrino.

Eric Sogard & Andy Parrino:
Speaking of Sogard and Parrino they ended up going 0-2 and 1-3 respectively. While neither is terrible one has to notice how both Ladendork and Wendle outplayed them today (As well as the whole spring training)

On the pitching side:

Scott Kazmir:
4 scoreless innings from Kax with only 1 hit and 6 strikeouts. If this is the Kazmir that we get in the regular season I think he could possibly live up to the ace like performace he started out with last year.

Tyler Clippard & Pat Venditte & R.J. Alvarez:
Both relievers were able to pitch an inning without giving up a run. Clippard ended up getting into some trouble but he also had a couple of strikeouts as well. Alvarez pitched them 1-2-3 and racked up 2 strikeouts in the process. What a nice thing to do to your former team. Maybe we're not the only one cursed! Venditte was solid in his inning and considering how good he's been ithis Spring it begs the question if he'll finally get the chance.

Fernando Abad:
As I couldn't see his performance I don't know how bad his 3 Hit 2 Run outing was. If I can give some positives he was able to get out of the inning, as he didn't do as bad as Ryan Cook did yesterday. Although that doesn't say much.

On The Padres side it was mainly Tommy Medica and his homerun, and a lot of bad pitching. For Medica's part he was able to hit a homerun but he also struck out twice. I don't know about you but I'm still thinking we should trade for this guy or something. I think it would be cool. How he fits with Canha here I don't know but who needs logic when you make these decisions.

You know I Was going to say that no one in this game did worse than Ryan Cook and then I saw MAtt Wisler's line. I don't know how you give up 8 Runs (7 Earned) in an inning plus but he managed to do it. Considering that he is a Non Roster Invitee I have to imagine he probably won't be around for long.

In the end the A's won and that's all that matter isn't it?

Let's Go A's