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Who are Your Long Shots to Make The Athletics?

Alex Hall makes his weekly appearance on the Phil Naessens Show and the guys talk about long shots

Allan Henry-USA TODAY Sports

Hey Athletics Nation!

The Cactus League season is in full swing and for a dude that has just spent his first winter in two decades freezing his butt off warm weather and baseball is just what the doctor ordered.

If you are like most baseball fans including yours truly you have a long shot you are rooting for to make the big club right out of spring training.

Alex made his weekly appearance on my show and long shots heading north with the Big Club is what we talked about.

Who is or are the long shot (s) you are hoping go north?

Alex joins in at about the 10 minute mark or so. I'll leave the player below or you can visit my site to download the entire show (NHL, White Sox, Atlanta Legends, Fantasy Baseball Draft strategy) from my site.