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Oakland A's trade Will Ferrell to Seattle Mariners

The Athletics hosted Will Ferrell at shortstop as he led off his tour of the Cactus League to play all ten positions for charity. Ferrell played second base for the Seattle Mariners in the second inning.

Allan Henry-USA TODAY Sports

After a half-inning at shortstop, the Oakland Athletics traded Will Ferrell to the Seattle Mariners for a box of sunflower seeds and a comedic actor to be named later (Not really). Ferrell played second base for Lloyd McClendon's Mariners before heading to Tempe by police escort to start play in four other games around the Cactus League.

Ferrell's day around Major League baseball began with the A's at HoHoKam Stadium in Mesa, and the A's got to meet the actor and comedian as he suited up for the team.

Ferrell was joined by A's legends Bert Campaneris and Rickey Henderson. Campaneris was famed for becoming the first to play all nine defensive positions in an official game, performing the feat in 1965. With the addition of the designated hitter, Ferrell will play 10 positions today.

Ferrell did have a significant uniform issue, however:

After arriving on field, Ferrell's first stop was to sit down with MLB Network High Heat's Chris Russo:

He took batting practice next:

Back in the clubhouse, Ferrell wanted to be sure his teammates were prepared:

Will Ferrell let A's shortstop Marcus Semien know that Ferrell is playing for a spot on the roster:

Ferrell was listed fifth in the batting order:

Ferrell was ready:

For a moment, there was a chance he'd have to cover second base when Austin Jackson reached on a leadoff walk, but ultimately Ferrell got no fielding chances. He was due up fifth, and Mark Canha was at bat when the inning ended.

It just wasn't to be today: