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Signing Barry Zito is a Win Win for Oakland!

Alex Hall makes his weekly appearance on the Phil Naessens Show and the guys talk about Barry Zito and Joey Wendle

Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

Hey Athletics Nation!

Alex made his weekly appearance on my show today and as always it was a good time talking Oakland Athletics baseball.

What if Barry Zito has a bounce back season in 2015? What if Barry Zito has another horrible season? Who the heck is Joey Wendle?

Alex had to answer these questions today and his answers might surprise you.

Zito being offered a minor league contract is a good thing from where I'm sitting. If he pitches well and helps the big club it's a win. If he doesn't then he will have the opportunity to retire in an Athletic uniform and that's a good thing too.

Wendle I'm just not so sure about so I'll just leave that up to you guys to hash out. I'll leave the player below or you can visit my site and download the show.