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Sean Doolittle advances to Face of MLB semifinals, contest still dumb

The Oakland A's pitcher will face San Francisco Giants catcher Buster Posey after defeating Felix Hernandez.

Rob Carr/Getty Images

I'm running out of words to describe our fascination with the meaningless"dumb," "silly," "super dumb" contest that is the Face of MLB, which many A's fans have already determined is "fixed," "rigged," or filled with "bots."

Yet Sean Doolittle keeps on winning, beating Mariners ace Felix Hernandez in the quarterfinals.

Doolittle will face Giants catcher Buster Posey in the semifinals, possibly beginning as soon as Friday at 6 AM. Should Doolittle advance to the final, he would go up against defending Face Mets third baseman David Wright, Orioles centerfielder Adam Jones, or AL Cy Young winner Indians pitcher Corey Kluber.

Stephen Vogt handicaps the semifinal in favor of his teammate, telling CSN California's Joe Stiglich, "No disrespect to Buster Posey, but Sean Doolittle has the face of MLB. The beard, the glove up underneath the chin. Sean Doolittle embodies what is Major League Baseball."

Doolittle's girlfriend, Eireann Dolan, called into Thursday morning's Hot Stove:

Speaking to's Jane Lee, Sean Doolittle said, ""I lead a much more interesting life on Twitter thanks to those photoshops." For example:

Watching the ballots

A's Twitter and Facebook got off to a very quick start when voting opened for the quarterfinal match against Mariners starter Felix Hernandez at 6 AM Wednesday:

By Wednesday evening, Doolittle appeared to be well on his way to victory:

But Mariners fans ran a late push:

A very late push:

With minutes to go, it was too close to call:

Sean Doolittle prevailed in the end, as a closer should: