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Oakland A's: Out With the Old in With the New

Alex Hall makes his weekly appearance on the Phil Naessens show to talk all things Athletics baseball

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Hey Athletics Nation!

My daily sports the Phil Naessens Show is back and people ask me all the time why with so many other big market teams I could focus on why I feature the Oakland Athletics every week. The answer is simple;

The Oakland A's are baseball and Athletics Nation is home for me.

In a game known for its characters what team has had more characters then the Oakland A's? From former owner Charlie Finley to players with nicknames like "Catfish" right up until today with the wheeler dealer Billy Beane the A's are a storied franchise worth talking about.

Athletics Nation is the best place on earth to talk baseball; I've learned a TON from this community and the knowledge I've gained has made me a better radio host as well as a fan.

Thanks to Tyler Bleszinski over the past 4 seasons that my show has been on the air Alex Hall has joined me to talk Oakland A's baseball and Hall's love for baseball and his A's is infectious. It's a great combination and I'm honored to be able to be working with him.

This week Alex shows up around the 12 minute mark and we talk about another active Hot Stove season. You can download the show from my site or listen below. While you are there please sign up for my daily sports newsletterand get great picks and Daily Fantasy Sports tips delivered to your inbox.