Best Coliseum Memory

My best O.CO or Coliseum memory would have to be the first time I ever set foot in the hallowed structure. I have always been an A's fan, ever since my dad took me to a West Haven A's game in 1970 in Connecticut and bought me a banner, hat, and slick A's satin jacket. You know the one. Anyway, being on the other coast, I would have to wait for my scores to come in late and there was no ESPN or any highlights. I do remember watching the A's beat the Met's in New York at my great uncle and aunt's apartment, with me being the only A's fan. Tough crowd. Imagine my excitement and wide eyed optimism in 2001 seeing the A's in Oakland for the first time. It was against the Yankees and two of the games were won on walk offs, both by Miggy. I saw the big three pitch, Zito taking the loss on Saturday. Amazing. Go A's!