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Which Oakland Athletics Starting Pitcher will get Dealt First?

Alex Hall makes his weekly appearance on the Phil Naessens Show. They talk starting pitching and then speculate on which A's starting pitcher will get traded first.

Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

Happy New Year Athletics Nation!

As a new year is here so is practically a new Oakland Athletics team. Plenty of new faces to talk about but Alex and I decided to ring in the New Year and begin with some familiar faces.

The starting pitching.

We chatted about what we felt we're obvious choices; Sonny Gray, Scott Kazmir, Jesse Chavez and Drew Pomeranz. Then we talked about some of the newcomers who might potentially be on the team that "heads north". We think you will enjoy it.

Then we went to the place where Oakland A's fans not only know but understand all too well; Alex and I speculated on which starting pitcher would be most likely to get traded next.

Alex kicks off the show. I'll leave the player below or you can download the program from my site.