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Out With the Old All Stars in With the New All Stars

Alex Hall goes on the Phil Naessens Show and welcomes Ben Zobrist and Tyler Clippard to the Athletics!

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Hey Athletics Nation!

General Manager Billy Beane might have a habit of trading away All Stars but this past week he traded for All Stars Ben Zobrist and Tyler Clippard.

This week Alex and I hardly mentioned John Jaso as we were too busy talking about Zobrist and Clippard.

Yunel Escobar would have been the proven MLB shortstop to replace Jed Lowrie but Beane shipping him off leads me to believe he has something up his sleeve.

I just saw that Ian Desmond is available. Maybe Beane can work something out to get him?

As always it's fun to talk Athletics baseball with Alex. Alex is up first today and if you are a Golden State Warriors fan Alex and I talked about them in segment three of today's show.

I'll leave the player below or you can download the show from my site.