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Athletics trade: The Internet reacts to the Tyler Clippard deal

Winslow Townson/Getty Images

Another Oakland Athletics trade means more hot takes and player reactions. We've got the latest from Jeff Sullivan and Eno Sarris at Fangraphs, Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post, former Athletic and now-ex-bullpen mate Jerry Blevins, Sports Illustrated's Cliff Corcoran, the Bay Area News Group's John Hickey, CSN California's Joe Stiglich, Susan Slusser of the San Francisco Chronicle, Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports, and finally Tyler Clippard himself.

Tyler Clipart

But first there was some good autocorrect laughter to go around:

Jeff Sullivan can finally talk about Tyler Clippard

Jeff Sullivan found his excuse to talk about Tyler Clippard, going through his high high fastball rate, his high fly ball rate, his high pop up rate, his consistently low BABIP, and his putaway splitter.

Many of the Ways that Tyler Clippard Is Unusual | FanGraphs Baseball

All together, Tyler Clippard is one of the more unusual pitchers in the game today. He’s certainly extreme, in a variety of ways, and now that he’s going to Oakland, his pop-up tendency should only get a boost.

Sullivan also added his thoughts on how the bespectacled Eric Sogard would get along with the bespectacled Clippard:

Eno Sarris tries to see how this works for Billy Beane and Mike Rizzo

The Athletics Trade a Shortstop for a Reliever | FanGraphs Baseball

Yunel Escobar has averaged about two wins a season for the last five seasons, but fits the Nationals better at a position of need. If you go by Tyler Clippard‘s runs allowed — a good idea because he has a rare skill in creating pop-ups — the reliever has averaged 1.8 wins a season for the last five seasons. And he fits the A’s better. The Athletics traded a shortstop for a reliever and yet it probably made sense for both teams.

Eno doesn't see the front office dictating how Clippard is used

Eno Sarris Baseball Chat — 1/15/15 | FanGraphs Baseball

Q: Any chance the A’s use Clippard to close this season, pump his value, and then extend him a QO next offseason with the hopes he declines? Just a thought.

Eno Sarris: A chance, but I’ve heard from people within front offices that they don’t want to meddle with the manager’s use of the bullpen too much. Mostly, teams want to win this year.

Dan Steinberg lets us know that the Nationals have lost a fan favorite

The Tyler Clippard trade was hardest on the Nats’ youngest fans - The Washington Post

If adult Nats fans liked Clippard, their children may have liked him even more. They liked his goggles. They liked his funky delivery. They liked his occasional dance moves, and the way he interacted with them at fan events, and I don’t know what else, exactly. So when Clippard was traded to the A’s this week, at least some kids were kind of upset.

Jerry Blevins lets us know we're getting a fan favorite

Cliff Corcoran thinks worries about Clippard's workload are overstated

Nationals get Yunel Escobar from A's for Tyler Clippard to boost infield - MLB -

Of course, concerns about Clippard's workloads are old news, and his performance has revealed precious little reason for worry. ... If anything, he was a better, more effective pitcher in the last of those five seasons than he was in the first.

John Hickey describes Clippard's throwing motion

A's send Yunel Escobar to Nationals for reliever Tyler Clippard - Inside Bay Area

The 6-foot-4 Clippard, an All-Star with the Nationals for the second time last year as a setup man (7-4 with a 2.18 ERA in 75 games), has an unorthodox delivery in which he comes set with his gloved hand high in the air, creating a downward plane that has proven to be very tough on right-handed hitters.

Eric Sogard should be pleased, says Joe Stiglich

Escobar trade reflects A's faith in Semien | CSN Bay Area

The happiest person over Wednesday’s trade might just be Eric Sogard. With Zobrist and Escobar both in the mix, Sogard seemed to be on the outside looking in for a 25-man roster spot. But with Escobar being shipped out, Sogard would appear to have a great shot at nailing down at least a utility infielder role.

Susan Slusser see the A's as back in on Hector Olivera

A’s acquire reliever Clippard from Nats for shortstop Escobar - SFGate

With Escobar gone, the A’s might once again be in the running for Cuban second baseman Hector Olivera, because Zobrist could move from second base to the outfield.

Ken Rosenthal agrees

What's the next move for the A's? | FOX Sports

No, the Athletics are not done. Their next move could be the signing of a Cuban infielder, but it’s more likely to be Hector Olivera, 29, than Yoan Moncada, 19. The Athletics are among the clubs expected to attend Olivera’s workout. If they signed him, they could play him at second base, Marcus Semien at shortstop and Ben Zobrist in the outfield.

The showcase is January 21-22, though Olivera cannot be signed until he is cleared by the United States Office of Foreign Assets Control.

Finally, Clippard himself is excited, but will miss his fans in Washington