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A's Wild Card Game Viewing Parties

A thread to post and discuss where you're watching Tuesday's Wild Card game. Don't be that guy sitting in your mom's basement refreshing Gameday in the dark. Playoffs are always better with other A's fans!

Join in on the fun with other A's fans. We are a small but loyal bunch and like to travel in packs.
Join in on the fun with other A's fans. We are a small but loyal bunch and like to travel in packs.
Rick Yeatts

There have been a lot of comments/discussion in various threads on where everyone is watching Tuesday's Wild Card Game (5 PST). Since it's the only game on and nationally televised, there's a good chance bars all over the country will be showing the game.

No matter which corner of the country you are in, chances are there will be some other A's fans who want to watch the game with you. So post and discuss viewing parties here! I'll keep updating the post with various locations as they are mentioned in the comments or on Twitter.

Just throwing this out there:

If you are in San Francisco, I'll be watching at The Phoenix (19th Street and Valencia), feel free to come by and join in!


Post away!


New Parkway Theater is having a viewing party. Lots of couches, watch on the big screen with other A's fans! $5 admission. 474 24th Street between Broadway and Telegraph in Oakland.

Some ANers are watching at Kerry House, 4092 Piedmont Ave, Oakland, between Glen Ave & 41st St, North Oakland.

Grand Oaks Restaurant & Sports Bar will be rockin' tonight for the A's game. 3701 Grand Ave., Oakland.

Union City

Some folks re watching at Buffalo Wild Wings in Union City (in the Union Landing Shopping Center), 32135 Union Landing Blvd.

San Leandro

Looks like a some of the LF Bleacher crew will be watching at Ricky's in San Leandro. 15028 Hesperian Blvd. I'm sure that will be a good time.

Marin County

tookadeflection will be watching at Flatiron in San Rafael and invites others to join! (724 B Street, San Rafael).

San Jose/South Bay

Billyballfan will be at Bennigan's in Santa Clara...I'll let him do the explaining:

I live in Santa Clara and 2 great places to watch an A's game are St. John's Bar & Grill, 510 Lawrence Expy, Sunnyvale, and Bennigan's Grill & Tavern- 4150 Great America Pkwy. Both have some of the Best Burgers in the Bay Area with special homemade sauces, full bars.

St. John's is one of the few  places where A's fans clearly outnumber Giant's fans. You have to get there early because they fill up fast.


The NYC A's fans FB group (many of whom are on AN) are having a party at Foley's Pub & Restaurant in Midtown Manhattan, 18 W 33rd (Between 5th & 6th/Broadway).

Pacific Standard in Brooklyn is owned by some A's fans (I'm told they have a framed pic of Jack Cust on the wall!), and will be showing the game. 82 Fourth Avenue, Brooklyn NY.

San Diego

Miller's Field will have some A's fans in the house, and a bartender that's an A's fan. Definitely a plus. It's in Pacific Beach, 4465 Mission Blvd.

Los Angeles

We got word that Cabo Cantina at 6669 Hollywood Blvd (at N Las Palmas) in LA is an A's bar and will be hosting the game!


A's fans in the East Dallas Area will be at Hurricane Grill and Wings in Mesquite. 3726 Towne Crossing Blvd, Mesquite, TX. I'm told it's a good bar with lots of TVs.

Washington DC

A's fans are meeting up at City Tap House 901 9th Street, Washington, DC in the Chinatown area. Close to Metro lines. Last year they had a great meetup for the ALDS, so this should work out pretty well.


eastcoasta'sfan and other Boston A's faithful are meeting up at The Living Room, 101 Atlantic Ave, Boston (in the North End). If for whatever reason we can't make it work there we can walk 5 minutes to The Point.


We will be 8-10 strong at the Jolly Roger at 12th & SE Hawthorne in case anyone wants to get out of the house. Green Jell-O shots on me!!! - Andrewkpdx


Houston area fans should head over to Bourbon Street Sports Bar in Katy, TX. Located at 803 S. Mason Rd in Katy. Owned by ANer cvdoug, A's fan since 1968!


We're trying to grasp and claw at every A's fan that we can get for the Wildcard.
We'll be going to the Sports Corner (not Center as I mistakenly tweeted it as) in Wrigleyville. I'd love to see other Athletics fans there so we can all be mistaken for Packers fans (which happens a lot in Chicago)

projectathletics at

@prjktathletics on twitter


Looks like we have settled on a Seattle spot for A's fans, Auto Battery Bar in Capitol Hill. 1009 E Union Street (capitol hill).

Check the comments re: all sorts of places where A's fans will be watching (including Louisiana, Indiana and Idaho among others...)

We have posts requesting meetups in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Phoenix, Reno, Austin, and more...if you're out there let us know where you're watching.