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Wednesday Podcast: Is Skipping Scott Kazmir the Right Thing to Do?

Alex Hall stops by the Phil Naessens Show and the guys attempt to decide if skipping slumping starter Scott Kazmir is the right thing to do plus more A's baseball talk

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Hey Athletics Nation!

We've nearly finished another baseball season and let's be honest; the Oakland Athletics are not where most of us predicted they would be. Rather than probably winning their third American League title they are in a fight for a wildcard.

Instead of enjoying what should be a final weekend of establishing their playoff rotation and possibly letting a few of their young callups get some playing time the A's have to bring out all their guns and beat the injury riddled Texas Rangers.

The way things are going if I was a diehard A's fan like most of you I'd be holding my breath and on the edge of my seat from tonight until that last pitch on Sunday.

Scott Kazmir has been in a heckuva slump these last say eight or ten games. There's even talk of skipping him in the rotation on Friday in favor of either Drew Pomeranz or Jason Hammel.

I'm not altogether convinced that Bob Melvin should do this but I honestly can't say as I blame him if he did. Nico gave us his opinion and on my show today Alex and I discussed this very thing. I'll be interested in what you guys have to say in regards to Alex and my discussion. Alex is up last and before him J.A. Sherman and I discuss all things Oklahoma City Thunder and David Ramil and I discuss Miami Heat hoops. I'll leave the player below or you can download the show at my site.

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