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Athletics injury update: Stephen Vogt starting at first base, Josh Reddick limited to pinch-hitting

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Stephen Vogt with his daughter, Payton.
Stephen Vogt with his daughter, Payton.
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Stephen Vogt will start at first base for the Oakland Athletics tonight. It is his first start since September 3, when he exited the game with a sprained ankle. Josh Reddick is limited to pinch hitting duties tonight, and is not in tonight's lineup against right-handed pitcher David Buchanan of the Philadelphia Phillies.

Josh Reddick told reporters that he will not be able to take batting practice due to his neck issue, but he considers himself available for pinch-hitting if necessary:

Bob Melvin told reporters that Stephen Vogt will be limited to first base and designated hitter duties for the rest of the year, and will neither catch nor play in the outfield:

It remains up in the air whether Craig Gentry returns this season. He joins John Jaso and Kyle Blanks as position players probably shut down for 2014: