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Wednesday Podcast: What Happened to the Oakland Athletics?

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Alex Hall stops by the Phil Naessens Show to help Phil figure out what happened to the A's!

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Hey Athletics Nation!

I'm back in America and finally settled for a bit. Man, has the transition been harder then I thought it would be. You know the saying "you can't go home"? Seems there's some truth to that saying. Like a LOT of truth!

Man oh man has America changed. I guess after twelve years some things are bound to change but geesh I didn't expect America to be so different. Just yesterday someone actually got arrested at the local library for disturbing the peace. Never thought I'd see the day when that would happen.

You go away for six weeks and all hell breaks loose!

The last time Alex and I talked the A's were in first place. The guys weren't hitting (except for Josh Donaldson) but there really wasn't too much cause for concern. It was just a mid season slump that happens to everyone. Or at least so we thought.

Flash forward six weeks and the Los Angeles Angels have won the West and the Athletics are fighting for one of the two AL Wildcards.

What the heck went wrong? That's what Alex explained extremely well on today's Phil Naessens Show. We talked about the injuries, the improved pitching staff as well as the slump the Athletics are trying to claw their way out of.

Have a listen and tell us where you think the A's season went south. We really love your feedback as do the thousands of readers you help to inform with your insightful commentary on your beloved A's.

Also on today's show J.A. Sherman from SB Nations Welcome to Loud City and I talked potential NBA Western Conference seedings and David Ramil of SB Nations Hot Hot Hoops and I try to convince our audience that Chris Bosh is going to have a big year for the Heat and we discussed whether the Heat have the guns to win the vastly improved Southeast division.

It was a fun show to do that you can either download from my site or I'll leave the player for you to listen below. Alex joins me for segment two!

Thanks again AN and it's really good to be back!