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Daily Link Dump 9/16/14

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Links before a Tuesday night with the Rangers.

Otto Greule Jr

George Springer is officially done for the season. When the Astros came to the Coliseum earlier this month, he was with the team and was shagging flies in batting practice.

The Blue Jays will make a qualifying offer to Melky Cabrera.

Josh Hamilton is back in action tonight.

Marcus Stroman will inexplicably not be punished for last night's headhunting.

Matt Shoemaker will have an MRI on his rib cage today.

Who is having a horrible year in terms of pitch framing? Why, it's Jarrod Saltalamacchia.

Chris Davis is using his time on the suspended list to do things like flip overturned trucks after car accidents.

Which players are the stars of the second half? Two of them wear green and gold! (Hint: it's not Alberto Callaspo.)

On this day a year ago, Jarrod Parker's elbow issues started to pop up as his excellent run that lasted from late May to mid-September came to a screeching halt in a 12-1 loss.

Tonight's starting lineup is very similar to that of the last couple days, with birthday boy Brandon Moss back up to the fifth spot.