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Down On The Farm: A's Final 2014 Minor League Stat Leaders

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With the minor league season now completely over, I compiled this list of A's minor league leaders in 21 statistical categories for my Athletics Farm site that I thought some of you might enjoy getting a look at here on Athletics Nation. But first, I wanted to offer a brief Midland RockHounds postseason update...

After winning their divisional series the previous week, the RockHounds began playing in the best-of-five Texas League Championship Series this past week. Midland won Game #1 in Tulsa behind Nate Long's solid 8-inning outing and Kent Matthes's 3-run homer. The RockHounds then dropped Game #2 despite home runs from Max Muncy and Daniel Robertson. On Friday, the series moved to Midland, where Matt Chapman homered in the Hounds' second loss of the series. Midland then scored nine runs in Game #4 to even up the series on Saturday and force a decisive Game #5. Then on Sunday, Dusty Coleman and Conner Crumbliss both homered and Nate Long turned in another solid outing as Midland blanked Tulsa 5-0 to become 2014's Texas League champions.

But now, the A's final 2014 minor league stat leaders...

Included: Sacramento River Cats (AAA), Midland RockHounds (AA), Stockton Ports (A), Beloit Snappers (A), Vermont Lake Monsters (A), AZL A's (Rk)


170 Daniel Robertson SS (Sto)

167 Shane Peterson OF (Sac)

160 Ryon Healy 3B-1B (Sto)

142 Renato Nunez 3B (Sto)

138 Nick Buss OF (Sac)


40 Shane Peterson OF (Sac)

37 Daniel Robertson SS (Sto)

34 Tyler Marincov OF (Bel-Sto)

32 Chad Pinder 2B (Sto)

31 Matt Olson 1B (Sto)


7 Melvin Mercedes SS-2B (Bel)

6 Aaron Shipman OF (Sto)

6 Bobby Crocker OF (Sto)

6 Jaycob Brugman OF (Bel-Sto)

6 Tyler Marincov OF (Bel-Sto)


37 Matt Olson 1B (Sto)

29 Renato Nunez 3B (Sto)

21 Jaycob Brugman OF (Bel-Sto)

18 Tyler Marincov OF (Bel-Sto)

18 Dusty Coleman SS (Mid)


278 Matt Olson 1B (Sto)

263 Renato Nunez 3B (Sto)

258 Daniel Robertson SS (Sto)

250 Shane Peterson OF (Sac)

240 Ryon Healy 3B-1B (Sto)


97 Matt Olson 1B (Sto)

96 Renato Nunez 3B (Sto)

90 Shane Peterson OF (Sac)

83 Ryon Healy 3B-1B (Sto)

81 Dusty Coleman SS (Mid)


111 Matt Olson 1B (Sto)

110 Daniel Robertson SS (Sto)

101 Shane Peterson OF (Sac)

79 Nick Buss OF (Sac)

79 Dusty Coleman SS (Mid)


117 Matt Olson 1B (Sto)

87 Max Muncy 1B-3B (Mid)

72 Daniel Robertson SS (Sto)

69 Conner Crumbliss 2B-OF (Mid)

66 Shane Peterson OF (Sac)


202 Dusty Coleman SS (Mid)

149 Bobby Crocker OF (Sto)

140 Anthony Aliotti 1B-OF (Sac-Mid)

139 Shane Peterson OF (Sac)

137 Matt Olson 1B (Sto)


54 Billy Burns OF (Mid-Sac)

31 Bobby Crocker OF (Sto)

18 Tyler Marincov OF (Bel-Sto)

16 Justin Higley OF (Bel-Ver)

16 Boog Powell OF (Bel-Sto)

16 Dusty Coleman SS (Mid)


26 Luis Baez 3B-SS (Bel)

22 Dusty Coleman SS (Mid)

21 Melvin Mercedes SS-2B (Bel)

21 Jefry Marte 3B (Mid)

20 Yairo Munoz SS (Ver)

--BATTING AVERAGE-- (minimum 300 at-bats)

.343 Boog Powell OF (Bel-Sto)

.310 Daniel Robertson SS (Sto)

.308 Shane Peterson OF (Sac)

.307 Nick Buss OF (Sac)

.288 Chad Pinder 2B (Sto)

.288 Nate Freiman 1B (Sac-Bel)

--ON-BASE PERCENTAGE-- (minimum 300 at-bats)

.451 Boog Powell OF (Bel-Sto)

.404 Matt Olson 1B (Sto)

.402 Daniel Robertson SS (Sto)

.385 Max Muncy 1B-3B (Mid)

.381 Shane Peterson OF (Sac)

.381 Alden Carrithers 3B (Sac)

--SLUGGING PERCENTAGE-- (minimum 300 at-bats)

.543 Matt Olson 1B (Sto)

.520 Nate Freiman 1B (Sac-Bel)

.517 Renato Nunez 3B (Sto)

.506 Jaycob Brugman OF (Bel-Sto)

.489 Chad Pinder 2B (Sto)

--ON-BASE + SLUGGING-- (minimum 300 at-bats)

.947 Matt Olson 1B (Sto)

.893 Nate Freiman 1B (Sac-Bel)

.886 Boog Powell OF (Bel-Sto)

.873 Daniel Robertson SS (Sto)

.860 Jaycob Brugman OF (Bel-Sto)


166 Zach Neal RHP (Sac-Mid-Sto)

163 Shawn Haviland RHP (Mid-Sto)

160 1/3 Chris Jensen RHP (Mid)

150 Nate Long RHP (Mid)

145 Arnold Leon RHP (Sac)


134 Chris Lamb LHP (Sto-Bel)

134 Matt Buschmann RHP (Sac-Sto)

128 Arnold Leon RHP (Sac)

126 Nate Long RHP (Mid)

124 Zach Neal RHP (Sac-Mid-Sto)


13 Nate Long RHP (Mid)

12 Chris Jensen RHP (Mid)

10 Matt Buschmann RHP (Sac-Sto)

10 Arnold Leon RHP (Sac)

10 Zach Neal RHP (Sac-Mid-Sto)


19 Austin House RHP (Sto-Sac)

17 Jeremy McBryde RHP (Sac)

16 Evan Scribner RHP (Sac)

16 Seth Frankoff RHP (Mid-Sac)

12 Jose Flores RHP (Sac-Mid)

12 Koby Gauna RHP (Ver-AZL)

--EARNED RUN AVERAGE-- (minimum 100 innings)

3.09 Zach Neal RHP (Sac-Mid-Sto)

3.14 Chris Jensen RHP (Mid)

3.16 Seth Streich RHP (Sto)

3.18 Nate Long RHP (Mid)

3.25 Chris Lamb LHP (Sto-Bel)

--WALKS + HITS PER INNING PITCHED-- (minimum 100 innings)

1.14 Zach Neal RHP (Sac-Mid-Sto)

1.16 Seth Streich RHP (Sto)

1.21 Chris Lamb LHP (Sto-Bel)

1.25 Shawn Haviland RHP (Mid-Sto)

1.27 Junior Mendez RHP (Bel)

You can check out my blog - Athletics Farm - for updates on the A's minor league teams and all the top prospects down on the farm.