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Game Thread #147: Oakland Athletics at Seattle Mariners

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The A's offense tries to beat a good left-handed pitcher tonight before taking on Felix tomorrow in search of a season-saving series win. What could possibly go wrong?

Jason O. Watson

After a sleepless night last night and a long day at work today, I came home and got the mail. Either it's a sign of better things to come, or a cruel joke:


I don't...even.

So there's a game tonight. Against a left-handed pitcher. The A's do so well against those! All of the usual suspects are hanging about the lineup, except Nick Punto. Nick Punto. Difference maker? Let's find out. I mean, we have two weeks left. We've suffered this long, might as well see how bad this can get! And on the off-chance, slim-hope that the A's can, indeed, turn it all around, don't you want to be there for that game? And if I'm being honest, that game probably starts with Jason Hammel, who is tonight's pitcher, just because irony is fun.

Slowly reach for the water. Or tea. Or coffee. Pace yourselves.

Here are your lineups.

Today's Lineups

Coco Crisp - CF Austin Jackson - CF
Jonny Gomes - LF Dustin Ackley - LF
Josh Donaldson - 3B Robinson Cano - 2B
Derek Norris - DH Kendrys Morales - DH
Jed Lowrie - SS Kyle Seager - 3B
Nate Freiman - 1B Michael Saunders - RF
Geovany Soto - C Mike Zunino - C
Nick Punto - 2B Logan Morrison - 1B
Sam Fuld - RF Brad Miller - SS
Jason Hammel - RHP James Paxton - LHP