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Daily Link Dump 8/4/14

Links before Grant Balfour's return to the Coliseum.

Jason O. Watson

The Orioles have interest in reuniting with Jim Johnson.

As the calendar turns to August, take a look at the worst swings of July.

Which umpires have the smallest strike zone this year?

Who are the winners and losers at the trade deadline in the American League?

Check out this map of the most hated MLB teams. The same data was taken to compile a map of the most hated teams in each state compared to the national average. Well screw you too, Utah and Michigan.

Congratulations, Sonny!

Tonight's minor league action includes Arnold Leon pitching for the River Cats and Jake Sanchez for Stockton.

On this day a year ago, the A's were shut out by Derek Holland the Rangers 4-0. If the trend keeps up, they should win tonight's game 4-0!

Tonight's starting lineup is still missing Coco Crisp, but it does have three catchers!