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Game Thread #134: Oakland Athletics at Los Angeles Angels (3)

I don't know what we did to the baseball gods, but it was something really, really awful. This game was scoreless until Coco Crisp nearly brought back a home run over the fence, but he dropped it over, resulting in two Angels' runs and hurting himself. We do not know how badly. "Strained neck" is the official call. Everything that could have gone wrong for the A's has lately, and tonight is just no exception to that rule. An error on a routine ground ball and a &%$# walk has extended the deficit to 3-0. We're going to the seventh inning, and the A's non-existent offense (I mean two &$%# hits!?) is staring right down the barrel being behind in the Division by 3 games. If there ever was a CLUTCH UP YOU STUPID OFFENSE time, 'tis now. LET'S GO OAK-LAND!