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Daily Link Dump 8/25/14

Links before the first of three in Houston.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Yunel Escobar has been removed from revocable waivers by the Rays.

Joe Stiglich looks at the impact of injuries on the final five weeks of the A's season.

Joe Maddon has called for more bunts than any other manager this season.

How have playoff odds changed since the trade deadline? Jeff Sullivan presents the data.

Some unusual dingers were hit this past weekend.

What sort of chances do teams have in a one-game playoff?

Two years later, we look at the blockbuster deal between the Red Sox and Dodgers.

Jackie Robinson West Little League had a profound effect on the city of Chicago.

The Royals, for the time being, appear to have come out on top in their trade with the Rays.

Tonight's minor league action includes the River Cats in Nashville and Shawn Haviland pitching for Midland.

On this day a year ago, the A's were blown out in Camden Yards. That game sucked, so you should spend your team revisiting the previous day's game instead.

Tonight's starting lineup includes the red-hot Alberto Callaspo batting second and Brandon Moss in the sixth spot.