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Game Thread #122: Oakland Athletics at Atlanta Braves (2)

This game has started out as poorly as possible for the A's. On one hand, Alex Wood was shaky in his first inning, walking two A's; a promising start with two on and one out. But Gomes was picked off second and Freiman grounded back to the pitcher to end the inning and that was that. Meanwhile, Hammel threw a home run derby in the second inning, allowing two home runs. At least they were solo. You know what wasn't solo? The three-run shot in the third that has put the Braves up by 5. Not surprisingly, the A's haven't had any additional baserunners since the first. We're going to the fourth; it's 5-0 Braves. Nice showing, Hammel. The A's might want to score A LOT of runs to get back in this one. Or whatever.