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AN Community Prospect List update: Post-Russell edition

With the A's trading the top of their farm system, including their only blue chip prospect, it's time to see what is left.

You better be worth it, Sharky.
You better be worth it, Sharky.
The Vinciolo Journal

I hate the Shark and Hammel trade. I hate it. Mentally, I have in my mind Addison Russell as a superstar shortstop, Miggy 2.0. Mentally, I had him penned as the A's starting SS in 2015 after Lowrie's departure (or retainment as a 2B).

Now he's gone. Ah well, at least I will be able to walk a few blocks to see him every day, at least when I am not at the office.

So getting to it, here is our updated Community Prospect List from the pre-season.

1. Addison Russell, SS (1, 1, 1 )

2. Billy McKinney, OF (2, 4, 2)

1. Raul Alcantara, SP (3, 2, 5) - On DL with Tommy John Surgery

2. Daniel Robertson (9, 3, 3) - Perhaps our best prospect now. Our new SS of the future. .396 wOBA in Stockton. But, California League numbers....

3. Michael Ynoa (4, 7, 11) - 7.04 ERA to go with last year's 7.11 ERA. FIP is 3.95 though.

4. Billy Burns (NA, 17, 7) - In Double A with a .303 wOBA

5. Bobby Wahl (8, 10, 6) - 5.82 ERA in Stockton

6. BJ Boyd (NA, 8, NA) - .296 wOBA in Stockton

7 Max Muncy (6, 13, 10) - .360 wOBA in Midland AA, but he is a 1B...

8. Renato Nunez (5, 5, NA) - .388 wOBA, Stockton A+, a good hitting 3B prospect, but again California League numbers.

9. Matt Olson (11, 6, 8) - .400 wOBA, another 1B, and again Stockton Numbers in A+ ball.

10. Nolan Sanburn (10, 9, NA) - 3.15 ERA, but 4.27 FIP, again at Stockton.

11. Dylan Covey (7, 12, 9) - 4.98 ERA, 3.77 FIP, at Stockton.

12. Miles Head (NA, 15, NA) - .286 wOBA at Double A for his third year at Midland. Head is a poster child for why Stockton numbers should be taken with a grain of salt.

13. Chris Kohler - 2.78 ERA, 2.51 FIP in Rookie League in 2013, no appearances in 2014.

14. Arnold Leon - 4.47 ERA, 4.17 FIP in AAA for the third year, and now almost 26 years old.

15. Bruce Maxwell - .342 wOBA, 23 year old Catcher at Stockton for a second year.

Special shout out to Albany native Chris Lamb. Cheering you all the way.

But wow. That is a very thin system. Of the remaining top 15 from the pre-season CPL, only Daniel Robertson and Renato Nunez are of any note. Alcantara would be, but he is shut down with Tommy John surgery.

We don't have a lot of prospect capital left to spend. It's likely that Robertson and Nunez are going to be on the way out if we do acquire another middle infielder.

As a side note, in the last 12 months, the A's have traded the following first round draft picks.

  • 2013 Billy McKinney
  • 2012 Addison Russell
  • 2010 Michael Choice
  • 2009 Grant Green
  • 2008 Jemile Weeks
  • 2007 Corey Brown

Food for thought.