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Daily Link Dump 7/3/14

Links before Fireworks Night against Toronto!

Duane Burleson

The Padres are considering hiring Kim Ng, who would be the first female GM in any major sport.

Nolan Arenado is returning from the DL for Colorado.

Check out Tampa Bay's lineup for tonight's game.

Baseball is far from dead, as anyone with common sense could have figured ages ago.

Jerry Remy lost a tooth during last night's shelling by the Cubs, who swept a three-game series at Fenway Park.

Jason Grilli and Ernesto Frieri met at an airport in Chicago.

Alfredo Aceves tested positive for marijuana.

Scott Downs has been released by the White Sox.

Tony Blengino considers Clayton Kershaw to be the best pitcher of the modern era.

Here are the wildest pitches of the month, including one by Jesse Chavez.

Based on Google searches, who are the most under-popular players in the major leagues? One of them is Josh Donaldson.

How about more amazing throws?

Matt Snyder assesses the value of Detroit sweeping the A's.

Mark Mulder live-tweeted Moneyball last night.

For those of you that turned away from yesterday's game after it got out of hand, a beer vendor made a play on a foul ball. What are your thoughts on giving foul balls to youngsters?

Tonight's minor league action includes Seth Streich and Sean Murphy on the hill, and the River Cats face the Grizzlies in the Highway 99 showdown.

On this day a year ago, Matt Garza defeated the A's. The first game of the series and the last game of the series were way more fun, so why don't you revisit those instead? The first game includes one of the greatest comments in Athletics Nation history.

Tonight's starting lineup includes John Jaso leading off. Coco Crisp has been known to struggle against R.A. Dickey, so he is not starting.