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Q&A with Josh Ziegenbusch, head of A's ticket services

Your chance to get your A's ticket and game questions answered direct from the source, the head honcho, the big Kahuna, the...well you get the deal.

Back to back customer service titles
Back to back customer service titles
Ezra Shaw

Greetings AN!

Josh Ziegenbusch, the A's Senior Director of Ticket Services, has graciously agreed to answer your questions, right here on Athletics Nation.

We've had so many questions on season ticket sales, single game sales, luxury boxes, gates opening/closing, ticket pricing, and everything else in that department.

Josh knows more about all of that stuff than any other person on the planet. If it's about going to an A's home game, chances are this gentleman can answer it in his sleep.

The way this Q&A works is you can post your questions in the comments, post them to us on Twitter or email them to me. Josh will try his darndest to get them answered for us, and I'll post all the questions and answers in a separate post, probably running the answers next week.

So ask away in the comments, and we'll do our best to get the answers soon. It's an open thread and many of you may be able to answer each others' questions, which is great. Regardless we'll take them to Josh to confirm.