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A's Time Traveler

40 years from now, I am a technician at the Über Large Hadron Collider. There is going to be an accident at the facility and I will-be-was caught in the effect. I am now being trapped in a temporal space-time loop and I hope to escape sometime in the past. I was-am a big A's fan ( a writer for Athletics Nation in the 2010's ) and in the meantime I will answer your future baseball questions.

A's Time Traveler
A's Time Traveler

A's Time Traveler AMA

Not only are you about to AMA ( ask me anything) on the next 40 years; but I will, in fact, be answering your questions before you ask them. Since it will appear that I am answering your questions before you have asked them, please wait until you see the answer that you were hoping for before submitting your question.


Does 29-30 World Series victory's by 2050 sound about right?

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