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Can't See The Fourest For The Threes

"Really, I'm just jeter to have a chance to jeter and I'm just trying to derek as jeter as I can."
"Really, I'm just jeter to have a chance to jeter and I'm just trying to derek as jeter as I can."

You know how things always happen in threes? Like celebrity deaths, or the Rays, Rangers and Red Sox falling into the abyss from contenders to cellar-sellers. Here are some threes to ponder on this fourth day of the All-Star break...

3 A's who have to regress

Scott Kazmir is the real deal but get through the season with a 2.20 ERA? Not bloo'y loikely!

Coco Crisp's .375 OBP isn't just a career best -- it's .030 points higher than his full season best of .345 set clear back in 2005.

Stephen Vogt: .350/.388/.532 kind of speaks for itself. It's nothing a horrific slump can't normalize.

3 A's who have to progress

Notice how I've given up on including Jim Johnson on my list. Sometimes it's just not your year.

Jed Lowrie has already shown signs of making better contact and having better luck. Which isn't hard, since in the first half of the season, if Lowrie hadn't had bad luck he wouldn't have had any luck at all. Look for a big finish for a guy whose approach at the plate is remarkably consistent.

Eric Sogard is no world beater but if he continues to get opportunities he has to be better than .186/.256/.218, right? RIGHT???? Hold me; I'm scared. This may become moot if the A's trade for a 2Bman or continue to relegate Sogard to the role of "pinch runner with really bad baserunning instincts."

Josh Donaldson: Unless he is re-spooked by seeing Manny Machado this weekend, Donaldson should get closer to the .391 OBP he put together post-ASB in 2013 than the rather sad .317 OBP he sports so far this season. By the way, did you know that Donaldson's OPS against LHPs this season is 1.051 while his OPS against RHPs is .680?

3 ways I expect to hear Yoenis Cespedes' name pronounced next by Chris Berman

"YOE-a-neeze cuh-SPEED-eez!"

"yo-EEN-iss ces-SPUD-iss!!!"

"Ima Nidiot."

3 of Cindi's recipes that just did not work

Squidsicles are apparently one of those concepts that sound better when you text it to Derri than when you actually freeze the tenticles.

Rabbitatouie is evidently not as simple to perfect as "just chop parsley on the rabbit, add beef, chicken, or rabbit broth, microwave for 7 minutes and voilé!"

Bananas Foster Care may indeed taste "just like other-daddy used to make" but let me tell you, other-daddy was not a chef.

3 taunts you may hear this weekend

"So, then...should the pitcher swing the ball?"

"So Manny, what do you want to be when you grow up?"

"I'm no expert but I thought you were supposed to hit the ball, not the catcher's head."

I'll be here all week, folks, I really will!

In the meantime, please feel free to add your own triads for consideration as we await the arrival of the Baltimore Orioles to begin an intriguing series Friday night...