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The American League West is Heating Up!

Thoughts on Yoenis Cespedes winning the Home Run Derby, Adam Wainwright grooving one to Derek Jeter and the tight American League West

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Hannah Foslien

If you are a baseball fan then from Friday onwards this is your time of year. The MLB Trade Deadline is fast approaching and divisional races are beginning to take shape and heat up. It really is a special time of year isn't it?

Big shout out to Yoenis Cespedes on repeating his Home Run Derby championship becoming the first repeat winner since Ken Griffey Jr. That puts him in pretty good company. It must have been exciting for you A's fans to see one of your own do so well. Congratulations Yoenis!

Speaking of the All-Star Game; I don't know about you but I don't care if Adam Wainwright grooved one on purpose to Derek Jeter. If he did it just proves what most of us suspected anyway; even though there's home field advantage in the World Series the game is nothing more than an exhibition. If he didn't then Jeter did what he's done throughout his entire career and that's hit. Either way its win win in my book.....what do you guys think?

The AL West is heating up. I know it's early yet but will you guys be keeping an eye on the scoreboard this Friday? The Angels are playing pretty good baseball these days and the Mariners are trying to puff out their chests as well. The Angels certainly have the sticks but I'm not too keen on their pitching. Still not sure what to think about the Mariners just yet; are they for real or still a year or two away? Only time will tell I guess. I still think the A's will wind up winning this thing by at least five games. The A's are just too solid all the way around for me not to believe in them. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

Just a reminder that the Daily Fantasy Baseball games at FanDuel will begin again this coming Friday July 18. You'll have until 4pm PST to submit your roster. You can do so by visiting this link here.

On today's Phil Naessens Show Alex and I talked about the AL West and had a blast doing so. Craig Brenner joined me to discuss the Kansas City Royals and my friend Amar from SLC Dunk joined me to talk NBA Free Agency. I'll leave the player below or you can download the program from my site here.