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2014 MLB Home Run Derby: Tweeting our way to a Yoenis Cespedes victory

How a Home Run Derby champion is tweeted to the finish.

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Twitter was fun tonight.

From the pre-game:


On who should be pitching:

On Chris Berman's unique pronunciation of "Yoenis Cespedes":

Family time with Brandon Moss:

On Yasiel Puig's first round failure:

On John Sterling taking over for Chris Berman:

On Giancarlo Stanton losing to Todd Frazier 1-0 in the National League Final:

Why AN member 4-6-3 can't record the Derby on his DVR:


Our men on the sidelines:

On Mike Gallego's performance:

Cespedes clearly loves this game:

Thank you La Potencia.

Any more choice tweets tonight? Embed them in the comments below.