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A's draft results: Rounds 3-10

Similarly to last year, the A's focused on pitching the second day of the draft. They didn't draft a position player until they picked high school shortstop Trace Loehr in the sixth round. Another interesting thing about their second day crop: A bunch of undersized right handed pitchers. They didn't take a high school left handed pitcher in the top ten rounds for the first time since 2010, and for the second straight year didn't take a college catcher in that span.

Rich Schultz

Brett Graves

With their third pick in the draft, round 3 pick 102, the A's took Brett Graves from University of Missouri. He's listed at 6'1, 175 and he's another hard throwing undersized righty. He'll sit 92-94 but has apparently touched 97. He has a smooth motion and solid secondaries, with his slider being the better one. His control is given a plus rating by Mayo and Callis (60 on the 20-80 scale). He has solid upside and I think a good shot at sticking in the rotation.

Trace Loehr

A guy that's considered on the smaller side but this time is a position player. He's listed at 5'10" 175 lbs. He falls under the hard nosed grinder category. He doesn't have anything that grades out above average but he's the cliche "whole is greater than the sum of the parts". He's a shortstop right now but might not have the arm to stick there, so a move to second base is probably more likely in his future. He was rated the second best prospect, best prep prospect, in the state of Oregon by Baseball America.

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Branden Cogswell

The second collegiate position player, Cogswell was drafted out of the University of Virginia. He's a shortstop who's probably more of a utility type guy later on. He's another line drive oriented hitter but there's some room for below average power. The good news is that generally University of Virginia players tend to do a little better at the next level because their home park is an extremely pitcher friendly park. The latest example of that being Chris Taylor in the Mariners organization.

Branden Kelliher

Instead of going to the college ranks for another short right handed pitcher, with their 8th pick the A's decided to go to the northwest high school ranks for one. Branden Kelliher is listed at 5'11" 175, making way for the obvious and lazy physical comps to Sonny Gray. He has a lot of effort in his motion and like most high school pitchers is mostly a two pitch guy. He's committed to Oregon so he could be a tough sign, but then again I thought Dustin Driver would be a near impossible sign last year around the same slot.

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This thread will also be the final open thread for the last day, rounds 11-30