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A's draft Matt Chapman and Daniel Gossett

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After using their last four first round and supplemental first round picks on high school players, the A's went back to the college ranks this year and drafted 3B Matt Chapman from Cal State Fullerton with the 25th pick in the first round. With their second round pick, number 65 overall, they went back east and drafted the undersized Daniel Gossett, a right-handed starter out of Clemson University.


Matt Chapman

Listed at 6'2", 205, Chapman has a strong build and is thought of as athletic enough to handle the hot corner. The consensus seems to be that he has above average raw power but shows more gap to gap power during the games. The main question around him is how much he'll hit for average at the next level. However, even if he hits for a slightly under-par batting average, he has the patience to put up a respectable on base percentage and still have a solid slugging percentage. As has been mentioned in his reports, he was able to touch 98 off the mound, so his arm will be able to play at third base. Apparently he had a very impressive pre-draft workout this week at the Coliseum for the A's

This is pure conjecture on my part, but considering how great his arm is reported to be, if third base doesn't work out for him or if it's still occupied if/when he's ready, he could move to right field where it would still be just fine. If he has the bat for 3B if/when the time comes, then the bat should also be able to play with good enough defense in RF.

Best news about his bat? Our resident hitting expert Jerry Brewer approves of his swing.

Callis/Mayo grades

Hit: 45, Power: 55 (Keith Law says 65), Run: 40, Arm: 70, Field: 55

Daniel Gossett

Listed at 6'1, 175 lbs, Gossett gets the undersized right hander label. The good news? Sonny Gray also had that label put on him. Prospectors seem to have put a #3/4 type starter ceiling on him despite his size. His fastball runs up to 94 MPH sitting at 91/92. Callis and Mayo say that his control needs to be spot on because his fastball tends to be straight. His slider is thought to be his better pitch, being above average, and he also has a workable changeup. Despite being undersized, he still has some room in his frame to fill out, so it's not impossible that he could possibly add an extra MPH or two to his fastball, which would help his secondary pitches play up. There's a couple minor things I could see being ironed out, but otherwise he has a fairly smooth motion without too much effort to it.

Callis/Mayo grades

Fastball: 50, Slider: 55, Changeup: 50, Control: 50

One of my main takeaways from these two picks is that the A's didn't want to take a signability risk with either pick. Rightfully so since they couldn't really, since they have the 4th lowest draft budget. Even if they had someone like Monte Harrison or Jacob Gatewood rated highest on their board in the first round, if they wanted anything more than the assigned bonus money the A's just couldn't take that kind of risk and either lose their first round pick next year or not sign them and lose the bonus money for this year.