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Open Thread: Amateur Draft!

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Today MLB will go through the first two rounds, including the compensation and competitive balance rounds (1, 1A, 1B, 2, 2A). The first pick, Astros, will be at or around 3 PM PDT, 6 PM EST. The first selection, well, that remains to be seen as to whom that will be. Will it be high school lefty Brady Aiken? College lefty Carlos Rodon? Or high school flamethrowing Tyler Kolek?

Christian Petersen

The draft order goes

Round 1

  1. Astros
  2. Marlins
  3. White Sox
  4. Cubs
  5. Twins
  6. Mariners
  7. Phillies
  8. Rockies
  9. Blue Jays
  10. Mets
  11. Blue Jays (for not signing Phil Bickford in 2013)
  12. Brewers
  13. Padres
  14. Giants
  15. Angels
  16. Diamondbacks
  17. Royals
  18. Nationals
  19. Reds
  20. Rays
  21. Indians
  22. Dodgers
  23. Tigers
  24. Pirates
  25. Athletics
  26. Red Sox
  27. Cardinals
The rest can be found here, draft tracker here

A's pick in the second round is the 65th pick. In the latest round of mock drafts they kept getting linked to Ti'quan Forbes and Monte Harrison, as well as Alex Blandino, a Stanford 3B/2B with a decent bat, and Tyler Beede, a Vandy pitcher, which was a surprise. Other names to watch for are Jacob Gatewood, Forrest Wall, Michael Chavis, Derek Hill, and Matt Imhof.

AN draft previews can be found: Herehere, and here

Mock drafts can be found: Here ($$), herehere, and here

Top 100+'s can be found: Here ($$), here, and here

Now is when I shamelessly plug in my results for the Community Mock Draft over at, which I can guarantee will look nothing like what the A's draft will actually be. War room and Round 1

1-25: Derek Hill, HS OF. Ti'quan Forbes, Monte Harrison, and Jacob Gatewood were all off the board so it was between Hill and Forrest Wall

2-65 Alex Verdugo HS LHP, was hoping Matt Imhof would drop here. He ended up being nabbed at around the 60th pick. Was pleasantly surprised Verdugo dropped though.

3-102: Greg Allen 4-year OF. Once again, was hoping a few college pitchers would drop but they ended up being taken within ten to fifteen picks before mine

4-133: Nick Torres 4-year OF: Same story as Allen

Get ready for surprises like players dropping below their projected slots and teams making reaches for players who were projected to be 2nd or 3rd rounders at 3 PM PDT on MLB Network! I'll put up a post-draft thread on Monday.