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Athletics hits of the month - June

Who came up with the biggest hit this month?

Jason O. Watson

We are back again to decide who takes home the honor for A's hit of the month. A lot of good candidates again, but I narrowed it down to five.

Crisp walk-off's the Sawx - In front of a packed house to see the A's take on the Red Sox, Crisp came through in the tenth for a walk-off single. This was Crisp's second walk-off hit of the season. I am not sure there is anyone else I would rather have up for the A's in a critical at-bat.

 photo CrispGIF_zps30eff047.gif

Vogt's go-ahead in Baltimore - Soon after being called up, Vogt made good on a go-ahead single in the 11th at Camden Yards. It wasn't pretty, but it got the job done. It still feels wrong this guy didn't get to have his named called on Opening Day.

 photo VogtGIF_zpse2d7bc60.gif

Vogt & Jaso tie it up in the ninth - It went for not, but this was pretty sweet.

 photo Vogt-Jaso_zpsf374b8f1.gif

Donaldson's go-ahead knock - June hasn't been the kindest to Donaldson, but he did come through in extras in Miami. Good thing too, or they would probably still be playing this game.

 photo DonaldsonGIF_zpsf27c4d8a.gif

Freiman's go-ahead three run homer in Miami - Armed with an Oakland jersey and a revamped swing, Freiman went deep to put the A's in front. It was enough scoring to finish the sweep against the Marlins.

 photo FreimanGIF_zps1f8a6653.gif

Near misses: Moss' two home run game, Callaspo's four hit night coming back from paternity leave, Callaspo's go ahead knock spoiled by Doolittle's streak-breaking blown save, Cespedes' two home run night in New York. Sogard's two-out bases loaded knock to start the scoring against the Yankees.